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School Violence: A National Glimpse

The NASCPC's entire mission is to bring safety to all schools across the United States. In that effort, we spend a lot of time educating decision makers about holistic solutions to make their particular locations safer for their employees and students.

The NASCPC attends and actively participates in many safety symposiums, conferences and bureaucratic level discussions. Oftentimes we encounter cognitive dissonance when it comes to the bigger picture epidemic we face as a nation relating to violence in schools. We hear, "it can't happen here" or "it likely won't happen here" because its natural for people to want to divest their particular circumstances away from the unthinkable. The truth is, an act of violence can happen anywhere, at any time, and to anyone. It is also true that acts of violence are on the rise, steeply, across the entire nation.

In the spirit of bringing awareness, the NASCPC runs a nationwide scrub for school violence incidents across the country. We began tracking on November 1, 2021 and have posted 514 separate stories of threats of or actual school violence to our feed since then (as of 3/7/21). That's an average of over 125 violent incidents happening across US schools every month, and those are just the ones that make the digital news world. Let that sink in. We allow stories fall off our feed on a regular basis to keep it manageable for readers, and we encourage you to bookmark the feed so you can stay informed. Stories populate from all around the country from elementary schools through colleges and range from threats to shootings and everything in between. The violence is on the rise and tracking a fraction of the local news stories from around the country gives a crystal clear representation of that.

We want our readers to know that we are dedicated to helping schools navigate the intricate world of school safety. We hope that you will find our newsfeed helpful and that it will provide some insight into the violence epidemic we face as a country. If you have any questions or specific needs with navigating your school safety ecosystem, please connect with us today.


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