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Securing Our Schools with a Commitment to Readiness

A special report, featuring our very own President, Chief Frank Kitzerow, about the many ways that the Palm Beach County School District Police works to ensure that our children are safe. Chief Kitzerow was an integral part of this successful plan and has now founded the NASCPC to spread the word nationally.

The NASCPC is dedicated to sharing ideas, perspectives, and strategies. With our combined years of police experience, serving on both the traditional and school-based policing sides, we know that school safety decision makers carry a heavy burden.

The below local news story was done prior to the pandemic and provides a glimpse into some of the prevention, intervention, and diversion strategies that were part of the school safety ecosystem put in place to protect the Palm Beach County Schools. These initiatives have proven to be invaluable in addressing the school safety challenges being faced in today's environment.

If you are interested in options for your school, please connect with us further about the elements needed to build and maintain a robust toolbox that can be opened if a catastrophic event were to occur in your school.

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