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Is the NASCPC just for Police Chiefs?

No. The NASCPC is committed to shaping the future of school and campus policing. Membership is open to law enforcement professionals of all ranks, as well as non-sworn school safety and security personnel across the entire educational spectrum.  We also have memberships for business executives and the general public.  In addition, The NASCPC offers corporate sponsorships.  School safety is a holistic ecosystem with community-wide impact and involvement.

Just for Chiefs?
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  • A global network of school safety and security professionals.

  • Model policies, reports, and other tools to assist you in your daily operations.

  • A subscription to our upcoming monthly school safety and security news briefing.

  • Access to working groups that provide subject matter expertise and guidance.

  • Reduced rates for conferences, webinars, and podcasts.  

  • Discounts to our planned online offering of resources, tools, and e-libraries. 

  • Discounts on car rental, hotel reservations, and more at various events and conferences.

  • NASCPC Membership card showing your membership level.

Benefits of the NASCPC Membership

We have found that nearly 70% of NASCPC members’ agencies pay for their annual membership dues. Communicate the value of NASCPC membership to your supervisor or other decision makers in your agency.

Networking Event


Connect with colleagues from around the country who share the unique challenge of leading the school and campus safety mission. The NASCPC fosters relationships and communication to encourage growth and support for members in this dynamic field.

Learning Pod


Through multiple media platforms, the NASCPC shares the latest information on school and campus safety.  Members have access to the relevant news and resources to successfully navigate issues in their work environment.

Police Station


The NASCPC was established to affect positive change for school and campus law enforcement executives through member participation.   Conferences, webinars and committees allow us to shape industry standards for school safety.

Membership Types

Become a NASCPC Member Today


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