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Welcome to the NASCPC

The National Association of School and Campus Police Chiefs is dedicated to being a powerful ally for executives who are responsible for keeping our schools and campuses safe.

Is the NASCPC just for Police Chiefs?  Not at all.


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Dear Colleagues, 

I would like to take this opportunity to personally thank you for your interest in becoming a member of the National Association of School and Campus Police Chiefs (NASCPC).  Our not-for-profit association fills a void in the complex school and campus safety arenas by providing specialized resources relating to training, research, planning, policy development, critical management, and many other key areas of the educational safety field.  The resources we provide for superintendents, school boards, law enforcement, elected officials, and other key stakeholders involved in protecting our children and staff are invaluable. 

School safety is very complex and lends itself to the experiences and perspectives gained by working within an educational setting as part of a school district team. 

Among other things, school and campus safety involves relevant policies, prevention, intervention, diversion, safety, security, unified command, collaboration, technology, and training strategies designed for law enforcement, students, staff, and parents. The intricacies involved with each of these school safety elements requires a broad approach and a commitment to the understanding that school-based and campus policing are quite different from traditional law enforcement. 

School districts and college campuses are struggling to address the evolving threats relating to targeted acts of violence, police reform, and the safety challenges associated with the global pandemic.   All too often,  the critical roles of school and campus police chiefs, along with their counterparts across this country have largely gone unnoticed.  The NASCPC fills that void by providing an organized platform for our school and campus police chiefs, law enforcement, superintendents, and educational leaders in both the public and private settings, to learn, grow, and collaborate.   Our goal is to simply equip leaders to keep our campuses safe.  I believe our Mission Statement creatively captures the essence of what we are about.  

“The NASCPC is dedicated to being a powerful ally for executives who are responsible for keeping our schools and campuses safe.  The NASCPC functions as a valuable resource for school and campus leaders, bringing unique executive-level experiences to complex challenges in diverse educational settings.  The NASCPC advances school and campus safety by providing training, advocacy, and collaboration." 

As the founder of the NASCPC, I am extremely excited about our  Volunteer Advisory Board, representing a diverse group of well-respected professionals, who have proven track records of success in leadership, education, school safety, and law enforcement.  We are proud to add their collective knowledge, skills, and experience to the NASCPC.    

I hope you will consider becoming a member of the NASCPC by simply clicking on any of the membership links located throughout this website.  Thank you for all the work that you do in keeping our students and staff safe each school day. It is a tireless commitment and one that we should all be extremely proud of.  Together, we can make a difference for our children’s future by embracing a simple commitment, “I Am School Safety!” 


Thank you again for your interest in the National Association of School and Campus Police Chiefs.  


Be safe and stay well!


Frank J. Kitzerow, MPA 
Chief of Police, Retired
President, NASCPC


The NASCPC harnesses the collective knowledge and experiences of school and campus-based police chiefs, providing their unique perspectives that come from working within the educational setting and being an integral part of the internal school district safety teams.

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