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Chief Alexander Speaks to PBC Students and Parents

Since the beginning of the school year, the Palm Beach County School District Police Department has filed criminal charges in six cases for threats against PBC schools and is investigating others.

Just last week, a 16-year-old high school student in the PBC School District admitted to making a threat, which he told School Police he did as a joke. He was arrested and charged under Florida State Statute 836.10, which is titled: Written threats to kill or do bodily injury. Additional charges may be forthcoming.

It’s important that students understand that making a threat against a school can have a profound impact on their future.

To keep campuses safe, the PBC School District will continue to utilize School Police, cutting-edge security technology, and specially-trained personnel with expertise in mental health. Students in grades six through 12 have been shown a video message delivered by School District Police Chief Daniel Alexander (see below)

If your student is experiencing challenges in PBC, please know that help is available on each District campus. Please have your child reach out to the school’s counselor, behavioral health professional, school administrator, or another trusted adult. Additional information is available on the District’s Caring First webpage.

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