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Introducing Mr. John Shanks: NASCPC's New Executive Director Bringing a Legacy of Law Enforcement Leadership

Updated: Feb 16

The National Association for School and Campus Police Chiefs (NASCPC) is thrilled to announce a momentous addition to our leadership team – Mr. John Shanks, a distinguished law enforcement leader with over two decades of experience. His extensive background in law enforcement and non-profit leadership makes him an ideal fit for the role of Executive Director at NASCPC.

Executive Director at NASCPC
Mr. John Shanks, New Executive Director at NASCPC

A Legacy of Law Enforcement: Mr. Shanks began his illustrious career in law enforcement with the United States Air Force, serving as a Law Enforcement Specialist. Over eight years, he played a pivotal role at the USAF Joint Law Enforcement and Security Training Center at Lackland AFB, Texas, managing and delivering training to a diverse array of students from the USAF, USN, USMC, and civilian sectors.

Educational Contributions: During his tenure with the USAF, Mr. Shanks attended the Texas Peace Officer Training Academy at San Antonio College, earning his full commission as a Texas Peace Officer. His commitment to education extended to teaching basic and advanced law enforcement courses for the USAF. As a Subject Matter Expert (SME) and Master Instructor, he also taught Instructional Systems Development courses.

Civilian Law Enforcement Roles: Transitioning to civilian law enforcement, Mr. Shanks served in various capacities at the Hollywood Park Police and Hill Country Village Police Departments in San Antonio, Texas. From patrol officer to detective/investigator and sergeant, he brought a wealth of experience to each role.

Innovative Training Initiatives: At San Antonio College's Law Enforcement Training Center, Mr. Shanks led the basic peace officer certification program and taught advanced courses in de-escalation, firearms, tactics, and investigative techniques. Notably, he developed a groundbreaking program to train Armed Forces members as certified Texas Peace Officers. This remote training course, conducted on Lackland AFB, certified over 200 airmen, marines, sailors, and soldiers before their discharge from service.

Connecting Youth & Communities with Law Enforcement (CYCLE): A testament to Mr. Shanks' commitment to community engagement is the creation of "Connecting Youth & Communities with Law Enforcement (CYCLE)." This innovative program, funded by the DOJ COPS office, aims to improve police and youth interactions. Leading a dynamic team, Mr. Shanks has demonstrated his dedication to fostering positive relationships between law enforcement and the communities they serve.

National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial and Museum: Mr. Shanks has always recognized the service and sacrifice of the men and women serving in the law enforcement profession. Starting as a volunteer "Law Enforcement Ambassador" and rising to the Director of Law Enforcement Relations and Development, Mr. Shanks worked tirelessly to raise awareness to the service and sacrifice of America's law enforcement professionals and their families. He was instrumental in the capital campaign "A Matter of Honor" to raise more than $100 million to build the National Law Enforcement Museum located adjacent to the memorial in Washington, D.C.

Academic Achievements and Family Life: In addition to his extensive law enforcement background, Mr. Shanks holds degrees in Criminal Justice and Instructional Technology and Military Science. He is a family man, married with three adult children and two grandsons and a granddaughter.

Looking Ahead: As NASCPC's new Executive Director, Mr. John Shanks brings a wealth of experience, leadership, and a passion for enhancing safety within educational institutions.

Join us in welcoming him as we embark on a new era of innovation and collaboration under his guidance.

Stay tuned for updates on NASCPC's initiatives and the impactful contributions we anticipate under Mr. Shanks' leadership. Together, we will continue to advance the mission of creating safer environments for schools and campuses across the nation.

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