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NASCPC Rates 2022 School Safety More Affordably

Updated: Mar 17, 2022

We received dozens of requests and WE LISTENED!

With so many districts needing guidance on school safety and in light of the economic challenges we are facing as a nation, the NASCPC has listened to our communities and we have lowered our rates for 2022!

What does this mean for you?

It means significantly reduced rates for membership because we want to help as many people as possible.

Our membership program enables our nonprofit to have a source of predictable income to keep help guide our mission. As we work to develop more partnerships across the nation, your membership dues help us keep the lights on and pay our employees who often times dedicate their time to the cause well beyond their modest paychecks. Why? Because we believe in our mission above all else. We are dedicated professionals that genuinely want to save lives and create holistic safe education environments for our children. What else could be more important than that?

Here is a breakdown of the membership options we have available:

  • School and Campus Law Enforcement Executives Was $300.00, Now $100.00

  • Other Law Enforcement Executives Was $250.00, Now $85.00

  • School and Campus Security Executives Was $250.00, Now $85.00

  • Associate Members Was $75.00, Now $45.00

  • General Members Was $75.00, Now $45.00

  • Former Law Enforcement Executives Was $100.00, Now $35.00

  • Law Enforcement Executives Was $200.00, Now $65.00

  • Business Executives Was $200.00, Now $65.00

  • Corporate Sponsors Price $500.00

Why it Matters

The NASCPC is a valuable resource for all those concerned about school safety. Awareness of the problem allows community members and officials to come together to develop robust solutions. All viewpoints should be considered when developing school safety plans. Bringing these interpretations together requires coordination, expertise, and determination. The NASCPC looks at each school and district in distinct ways while also balancing for common issues felt more consistently across all districts. Understanding common conditions and blending in unique ones will allow your school to achieve the greatest safety environment for all.

You don't have to approach the mountain alone. The NASCPC can help to guide you with a library of information. If more detailed and guided help is needed, we are happy to provide member schools with a free consultation.

If you would like more information, please check out our member page or contact us today with your questions..


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